Welcome to The Fit Flamingo Blog


Welcome to The Fit Flamingo Blog

The Blog is where I share recipes and resources to feel your best from the inside out.


The more I dieted, the more I hated myself and the worse I felt in my body. So I did THIS instead. My 3 best tips for when you hate your body…

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You are Worthy of Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

It's time to love your body, heal your relationship with food, and step into the life of your dreams. I'll be here to cheer you on & empower you with feel-good tools that you can implement today.


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Hi, I'm Madison.
Your New BFF & Wellness Coach.

I’m a certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition coach, and Kinesiology graduate with a specialization in functional fitness. My expertise is in helping you get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do, connecting dots and patterns so you can feel fully supported to live the life of your dreams. I offer a holistic approach to health & wellness by combining movement, nutrition, mindset, and self love. Instead of just giving you a new diet or workout plan, I’ll work with you to rewrite your definition of success, break free from dieting, love your body, and feel confident in your ability to show up for yourself. Friend, you shouldn’t have to live your life feeling stuck or defeated. I see you. There’s a better way!

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