It's finally possible.

Imagine waking up everyday loving your body and feeling full of energy without dieting or sticking to a rigid workout plan.

hey sweet friend

and it shouldn’t have to.

the problem is: working out, dieting,& sticking to a rigid plan just doesn’t work for you.

you’re tired of beating yourself up. and you know you’re made for more.

you’re incredible at putting others first, but you forget to prioritize your own wellbeing.

Wishing you knew how to create a lifestyle that gave you self-love, confidence, and a body you love?

Ready to pour into your own cup so you can love the people in your life without feeling drained?

Weighed down by a lifetime of negative self-talk and judgment?

Frustrated because you never have enough energy to follow through on your life & fitness goals?

Sick and tired of weighing yourself everyday, only to feel like you're not enough?

do you ever find yourself...

Every woman wants to believe she's enough. But the hardest part is knowing where to start and feeling supported along the way.

lucky for you, having self-love, confidence, and a body you love is easier (and more fun) than you think.

free 7-day trial
free 7-day trial

An on-demand membership for self-love, food freedom, and feel good fitness. You can access your membership anywhere, anytime from any device!

introducing...feel good monthly

free 7-day trial

These deep dive trainings are meant to challenge and empower you to take feel good action. Believe me when I say that this is the kind of "homework" you'll actually enjoy doing!!

support from a certified coach and trainer

with your virtual membership you get:

With these journal prompts and guided meditations, you'll be able to get super clear on where you're at and where you want to go. Connect deeper with yourself and fall in LOVE with your body, appreciating it for all it can DO.

journal prompts, breathwork, & guided walks

Let's move together & breathe deep into the spaces that feel stiff and achy, knowing that we are truly better together!! With your membership, you'll be invited to join any and all live workouts + workshops.

Live Workouts + Workshops

I'll teach you how to transform your relationship with food. I share easy tips that are totally approachable and super freeing. No more food guilt or food shaming yourself! It's time to set yourself free.

food freedom trainings

When you join, you'll get immediate access to the entire Feel Good Library. Our library grows every month! Plus, you can revisit your favorite uploads as often as you'd like for the duration of your membership.

access to entire feel-good library

From high intensity workouts to healing mobility flows, self-love stretches, and how-to exercises - these videos will help you release pain in your body, connect deeper with yourself and realize just how powerful you already are.

new workout videos every month

This is the perfect place to start when you feel like you're starting from zero. Or maybe it's been a while since you've worked out and felt good in your body. No worries - I got you! This kickstart will help you feel good in your own skin in a super approachable and empowering way.

the 7-day kickstart

- Meg, client

"I've been working with Madison for the past 3.5 months and my time with her has been life changing. Madison has such a unique approach to movement and reframing our relationship with our bodies. I used to be terrified of working out and resented the task, but Madison has taught me that movement is MAGIC and is so healing for the body."

“...madison taught me that movement is magic.”


Building yourself up. No more self-judgment or negative self-talk. And when it does come up, you know how to move through it..

Unapologetically saying YES to things that bring you joy and NO to things that keep you small.

Breaking free from bad habits with ease. You can't be stopped!

Looking in the mirror and loving what you see. You feel a deep appreciation for everything your body can do and love who you are.

Waking up full of energy. You love your life and are pursuing your dreams with passion.

free 7-day trial

Know how to nourish your body without food shaming yourself

 Make peace with your flaws and celebrate your wins

Prioritize your wellbeing and make time for yourself

Learn empowering tools for self-love

Feel confident in who you are, even on your worst day

Heal those nagging aches and pains

Love working out & moving your body every day

how different would your life be if you could...

I help women love their body and believe they're enough.

 I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who's freakin obsessed with the magic of movement. I specialize in women's fitness and group fitness training. I believe healthy looks different on every body and that you are already enough.

 Instead of chasing an ideal body weight, I help you feel good in your own skin and live the life you feel called to live. Sure, sometimes that means losing weight. But mostly it looks like embracing who you are TODAY, forgiving yourself for your past, and creating space for who you desire to be moving forward.

 It's time to build yourself up and step into the woman of your dreams. No more dieting, judgement, or self-sabotage. Are you ready to believe you're enough? As your coach & trainer, I'll be here to motivate, empower, & guide you every step of the way.

i'm madison

free 7-day trial

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free 7-day trial

$325 worth of NEW content added every month!

Support & encouragement

Access to live workouts + workshops every month

New uploads added every month (HIIT workouts, mobility flows, food freedom trainings, self-love trainings, journal prompts, guided meditations)

Instant access to the full library

Cancel any time with no cancellation fees

full access


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“Madison is truly the embodiment of holistic wellness...Madison tailors your session to your needs, so I never feel afraid to vocalize what I need each week! Sometimes we just focus on self love if I'm really struggling in that area, or sometimes we just crush out a HIIT workout and move our bodies. I can truly tell that Madison puts so much thought and energy into our sessions together, and is truly focused on how to best support me and my goals. She makes you feel like the only person in the world, even though she's serving a whole community of women.” 

“madison is truly the embodiment of holistic wellness”


While weight loss is never our main goal here at The Fit Flamingo, you may notice weight loss as a result of moving more consistently with me in Feel Good Monthly -- especially since we focus on stress relief, overall mobility, and food freedom!

Instead of using movement to change the way you look, I use movement + food freedom + self-love tools to help you come home to yourself + feel good in your own skin. I don't do "body specific workouts" but focus on helping you feel empowered, confident, and strong from the inside out.

Your have access to our entire Feel Good Library for the duration of your membership. If you choose to cancel or pause, you won't have access to videos. If you need to cancel or pause your membership, reach out to us at and we'll help you out!

Honestly, no! A majority of our workouts are body weight only. However, it will come in handy to have a mat, light to medium dumbbells, resistance bands, and a ball BUT I will always provide "body weight only" modifications whenever equipment is used. I want these workouts to be as approachable for you as possible!

Absolutely! If Feel Good Monthly isn't a good fit for you just reach out to us at We'll take care of you :)

Yes yes yes!! If you'd like to learn more about my 1-on-1 coaching offerings, fill out this form here. We can hop on a Clarity Call together and create a custom plan that works for you + your body!

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