The daily work reset you didn’t know you needed

Work days can be stressful. To de-stress & bring your body + mind back to feeling good, here are 3 sweet + simple things you can do to reset before, during, and after your work day!!

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This is the daily work reset you didn’t know you needed.

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • 3 sweet + simple things you can do to de-stress at work
  • My daily habits that help me feel good before, during, and after the work day

I hope this episode helps you feel so good as you move throughout your work day!!

xx, Madison

The daily work reset you didn’t know you needed

BEFORE the work day begins: Breathe + check in.

Before the work day officially begins, let’s take a moment to breathe & check in.

Breath is one of the most underrated tools for feeling good.

Breathing deep has the ability to completely transform how you feel in your body. Your breath is what calms your body. It’s what helps you bring your awareness – your attention – back to the present moment. When our minds are racing, breath helps us focus on the moment in front of us.

So before you begin your work day, take 5 deep breaths. It will only take 30 seconds but the effects of these 30 seconds will be felt throughout your entire work day!!

Of course you can add breathwork or meditation to your work day as a full on “pause” or “reset” moment. We have over 20 guided meditations currently in Feel Good Monthly and most of them are 5-8 minutes in length. Perfect for your work day. And we add a new meditation to our library every single Sunday! So if you want a tool – a resource for your work day – to help you de-stress even more, you can use the code PODCAST (all caps) and try Feel Good Monthly for free for one full month. After your free trial it’s only $7.99/month. Hehe just a little plug because I’m so proud of Feel Good Monthly and we’ve been getting incredible feedback from our members. So super proud of that.

But with breath, when you become aware or mindful of your breath, it brings you back into the present moment. And this is so powerful because when we are present – with ourselves, with the work we’re doing, with the moment we’re in – it helps to eliminate stress.

If we’re always thinking of what’s next and what’s coming, we’ll instantly feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Breath keeps us in the present moment.

This might be helpful to you too: Something I do to be more mindful of my breath throughout the day is I set timers on my phone that remind me to breathe deep! I currently have one set for 11am & 2pm. I add little affirmations to the alarm, too. One of them right now says “If at first I don’t succeed, I will grow.” Another says, “The more I feel grateful for the opportunities I already have, the more opportunities I attract.” When these alarms go off, I take a few deep breaths, read the affirmation, and it instantly calms me. It reminds me of why I work hard everyday. It helps me trust the moment I’m in. It gives me an opportunity to release any stress & tension I’m holding on – you know cause I can feel so uptight and tense in my body when I’m thinking of all the tasks on my to-do list & I’m trying to “get it all done.”

DURING the work day: Sprinkle in little bursts of movement.

For me, this looks like standing up & doing 20 jumping jacks after I outline this week’s podcast episode. Or doing 5 squats before I sit down in my office chair and pull up my Notion task list. Or lying flat on my back after a Zoom call just to close my eyes and realign my spine. Now, I work at home so I can do little goofy things like this! So if you work in an office, surrounded by co-workers, even just going for a simple walk or doing a few seated desk stretches will do wonders for your body, energy level, and mood overall.

I’m telling ya!! Nothing will energize you more than micro bursts of movement throughout the day. I’m talking 15 to 30 to 60 seconds of movement! This isn’t a workout. This is leaning into movement in a small, micro way so you can let go of stress, increase brain clarity, rest your eyes, check in with yourself, and feel good in your body.

Movement is magic because it gets your heart rate up. When we move, our heart rate increases & then our blood flow increases. This increase in blood flow helps you think clearly. Because blood is going to your brain and flowing through your body. It helps you focus. So you can be productive and stay on task.

Movement is a beautiful remedy for the 2pm slump!

Get creative!! The goal is to do what works & makes sense for YOU and your work day :)

AFTER the work day: Do a little “end of day declutter!”

I do this with my physical space and my digital space!

This daily habit has really helped me create separation between work and life. Since I work from home, this is especially helpful. So here’s what I do: At the end of my work day, I clean and clear my desk. I put away any cords, headphones, and chargers. I throw away any trash, wipe off my desk with a few sprays of some Branch Basics all purpose cleaner & a towel, and put any pens back in my little pen holder. Then, I turn off all the lights & close the door. It’s my way of telling myself, “hey good job today. The work is done. Let’s go be present and enjoy the evening.”

Digitally, I like to clean up my desktop at the end of the day & empty out my computer’s trash can. Then I shut down my computer fully. Again, another beautiful reminder that they day is done!! ALSO as a tip – your computer only has so much short term memory. So it’s good to shut it down fully to reset the short term memory & extend the life of your computer! 

Friend, it is going to feel so good to step back into your office the next day with a fresh, clean desk. Let’s start the next day with clarity and purpose. Clearing our space is an incredible way to feel clear mentally & emotionally!


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