Marisa’s Story: Gaining confidence with movement

Meet Marisa! Marisa is a college student who is learning how to show up for her physical + mental health in the most incredible way. Not only is she learning how to use movement to feel strong in her body, she’s also learning how to feel more confident stepping into the gym, cook more meals at home, and implement new daily habits for better self-love.

Marisa, I’m cheering you on so big as you finish your final semester in college!! It’s been an honor to walk alongside you in this season of life and I honor you for every big and small shift you’ve made towards loving yourself and creating space for yourself to feel, heal, and shine.
xx, Madison

01. How did you feel before we started working together? What were you struggling with?

Before working with Madison, I felt tired and sluggish. I was struggling with getting into fitness, it is so scary at first.

02. What inspired you to reach out? Why The Fit Flamingo?

I reached out to Madison because I had been following her journey for years!

03. What has it been like working 1-on-1 with me?

After working 1-on-1 together, I feel more confident in my body and just going to the gym/working out in general.

04. What successes have you personally seen in your life (Feeling more confident, health issues disappearing, setting boundaries, taking risks, being more social, etc.)

Some successes I have personally seen in my life are feeling more confident, taking more risks, and generally being happier. 

05. Who would you recommend to work with me / The Fit Flamingo?

I would recommend anyone who wants a kind, caring fitness coach to work with Madison! 

If you’re ready to feel healthy & comfortable in your own skin, click here + learn more about my private coaching offerings!

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