Rikki’s Story: Feeling Empowered without Guilt

Meet Rikki! Rikki has my heart. She is such a deep feeler and cares so deeply for the people in her life. She is thoughtful, kindhearted, and so warm and open. My favorite thing about being Rikki’s coach is that I get to watch her have these ah-ha moments that completely shift how she sees and shows up for herself . It’s the most empowering thing!!! 

Rikki, being your coach is the greatest gift. I love cheering you on and YES!! we are definitely life sisters :) Thank you for the depth at which you share your heart and life with me. You really let me “go there” with you and I’ve seen you heal and learn how to love yourself in the most expansive + incredible ways. I love you!!

Now, I’ll let Rikki take it away!

01. How did you feel before we started working together? What were you struggling with?

Before The Fit Flamingo, I was losing hope. I was in a very dark place in life. I thought there was something wrong with me. But after working with you, I realized I’m not crazy and there’s nothing wrong with me. Now I know I’m not alone in the things I feel!

02. What kind of plan were you looking for? Fitness? Nutrition? Other assignments?

Initially I came to Madison for help with my nutrition but it’s been so different than what I expected when working with a nutrition coach! I thought we were going to focus on the “results” but instead, we focus on learning how to listen to my body and what my body needs. I feel like I’m starting to gain a stronger sense of what my body needs and what it looks like to nourish my body.

03. What has it been like working 1-on-1 with me?

It has been a very encouraging, uplifting, and self-reflective journey. It’s a journey where I’ve been able to dig deep into different areas of my life that I had not been able to explore on my own. For the first time ever I feel like I’m becoming more grounded into me and into life in general. I’m recognizing that I have this body that I need to take care of mentally, physically, and spiritually — it’s all tied together and there’s no way to separate them!

It’s also been so great to have you, who is so inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging in my corner. I feel like I’m running the race of life and now I have someone in my corner, cheering me on throughout the entire process. 

04. How did you feel after working together for several months?

Empowering is the word I would use to describe this journey! I feel more empowered in life and as a human in general. I have more confidence to know what my body needs and I’ve learned how to validate my own feelings without guilt.

Also, I feel so encouraged because a lot of times in life I can feel alone. It’s uplifting to know I’m not alone and to have a coach in my corner who validates and recognizes what I’m feeling, without making me feel like I’m crazy.

05. What successes have you personally seen in your life? (Feeling more confident, health issues disappearing, setting boundaries, taking risks, being more social, etc.)

I’m more in turn to my body and its needs. I recognize that I need rest and nourishment. Am I perfect all the time? No! But I’m so much more aware and grounded. I definitely see stronger relationships with those around me. I feel closer to my husband and parents because I’m aware of how I can pour into myself and have learned how to recognize what other people need as well. 

I see in my mental health that I’m having more grace with myself. I’m not beating myself up as I’m on my healing journey. It’s been empowering. 

06. Who would you recommend to work with me?

Honestly, everybody and their momma!! But for real, I would recommend anyone who is looking for support through life to work with you. We can’t walk through this life alone. If anyone feels unhopeful or down or if they need a friend or life sister, they need to work with you.

You are definitely my life sister and we’re walking this journey together!

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