Lindsey’s Story: Becoming motivated and feeling capable

Meet Lindsey! Lindsey is one of those friends who gives her all, day in and day. She’s driven and intentional, kind and hardworking and when she says she’ll be there for you, she’ll be there!

Over the last 3 months, Lindsey & I have worked together to create fun + sustainable workouts that challenge her strength and cardio, without leaving her feeling sore or burned out. And beyond the physical, Lindsey is learning how to say YES to the life of her dreams and pour into her cup without shame or judgment.

Lindsey, I so deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I love how willing you are to “go there” in order to heal + love yourself more fully. It is an honor to do life with you, be your coach, and workout with you every single week. I love seeing you step into the life of your dreams!!! I’m cheering you on. xx, Madison

01. How did you feel before we started working together? What were you struggling with?

I felt like I needed to try something new in terms of exercise. I was traveling a lot more, so my normal routine wasn’t working for me. I wanted something fun and sustainable to keep me active consistently.

02. What inspired you to reach out? Why The Fit Flamingo?

I came across a post on your Instagram that I felt showed a fun, active lifestyle that I wanted for myself.

03. What has it been like working 1-on-1 with me?

I feel motivated and capable!

04. What successes have you personally seen in your life (Feeling more confident, health issues disappearing, setting boundaries, taking risks, being more social, etc.)

I feel stronger after a workout. I feel like I’m in a space to allow my body to surprise me with what it can do. I feel inwardly energized after pushing myself rather than fatigued.

On a non-physical side, I feel better able to process emotions and events in life and not linger in the weight of challenges and conflict as a result of several conversations we’ve had.

If you’re ready to feel healthy & comfortable in your own skin, click here + learn more about my private coaching offerings!

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