I haven’t struggled with burnout since this…

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This conversation on burnout is soooo nuanced because there are moments when I notice I’m at my max so I give myself rest & completely pull off the gas pedal. Yet there are other times when I push past my max to get important, purpose-driven work done (like right now I’m creating our summer program and wow y’all, it’s a lot of work and also, it feels like the most magic thing to create!!! I know my body really well and know how to dial in, work hard, and still meet myself where I’m at without burning out. That’s the magic of listening to your body!!). 

I haven’t struggled with burnout since this…

Here’s the kicker ➡️ it’s important to know that in life, there are seasons!! 

When it comes to burnout… Is this a season of life? Or am I stuck in a burnout loop? 

If it’s a season… Ask for help where you can. Delegate. Over-communicate with the people in your corner. Carve out time for yourself to rest, play, and have fun. Express yourself in safe spaces. Be honest about the things you’re feeling & experiencing. Be honest about your needs! What do you need to rest, create, and feel supported? Sometimes we push past our limits because we’re working towards a goal or because it’s simply what this season of life is requiring from us. 

On the other hand… ⬇️ 

If you’re stuck in a burnout loop… Pause. Give yourself a day, an afternoon, or an hour to ask yourself the hard questions. Do I feel safe to rest? Do I believe I’m enough? Where in life am I pushing, forcing, or resisting? Where could that be stemming from? What does my body need? Who can I reach out to and ask for help/coaching/guidance? 

I haven’t struggled with burnout since I learned how to distinguish if the tiredness and exhaustion (whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally) is caused by a season of life or a loop I’m stuck in! 

More on this in this week’s podcast episode!!! I share my feel good twist on overcoming burnout 💛

How to Overcome Burnout:

01. Recognize if it’s a season or a loop. Do what you gotta do to calm your nervous system, bring yourself back into balance, and take what you need!

02. Get out of your own way. For me, burnout is often an indicator that I’m not happy. And honestly, when I’m just living my life for me it kinda starts to feel sticky and overwhelming. I never feel like I’m enough when I’m in my own head. So here’s what I do: Talk to people. Get outside your house. Look around. Get perspective. Ask people about their story. Ask how you can support them. Serve in some capacity. And even, start to shift how you see self-care. Can your moments of self-care start to  include others in a way that lifts both of y’all up?

03. Stop pretending you’re something you’re not. Nothing will drain your tank faster than pretending you’re okay when you’re not. Part of getting out of your own way is you 

Things That Can Lead to Burnout:

🌧️ Not having fun until I finish the work 
🌧️ Feeling like rest is something I have to earn 
🌧️ Being someone I’m not 
🌧️ Saying yes when my heart is really saying no 
🌧️ Pushing past my max when my body craves rest 
🌧️ Forcing things to happen 
🌧️ Micromanaging the outcome 

In the podcast episode I share what I do to overcome these things!

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