The Fit Flamingo’s guide to feel good travel

Traveling isn’t the time to beat yourself up or hold yourself hostage to a strict food or movement schedule. Travel is an incredible opportunity to go with the flow, trust yourself, enjoy food, soak in a new city, and move your body in a way that lights you up + feels good. In this episode, we’ll discover how.

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What if you were able to create a life you didn’t need a vacation from? Traveling gets to a be a beautiful extension of your life. Not a break from it!!

So in this week’s podcast episode, we’re diving into all things FEEL GOOD TRAVEL ✨ In this episode…

  • my favorite travel supplements for feeling good on the go
  • how to enjoy food without guilt
  • creating a life you don’t need a vacation from
  • routines I stick to when I travel (spoiler alert: they’re not as rigid as you might think!)

I hope this episode helps you feel empowered to travel in a way that feels like you!

xx, Madison


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