Treat your workout like a therapy session

There can be so much guilt and shame around getting a workout in… So we’re gonna move through those feelings with a lil ✨ PERSPECTIVE SHIFT ✨

Welcome to “treat your workout like a therapy session,” our new go-to way of working out so we can release stress, create safety with ourselves, and feel confident, seen, and taken care of.

If you feel overwhelmed with what to do or feel like you’re beating yourself up because you don’t always feel motivated to do it, this episode is for you. Because you’ll experience so much joy and freedom when you treat your workouts like a therapy session!

In this episode, I share…

  • How to treat your workout like a therapy session
  • The best workouts to do for every mood & emotion you feel
  • How to create safety around your workouts + times of movement so they help you come home to yourself, release guilt, and feel more connected to your body than ever before

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