Reset your nervous system with these 3 tips

Reset your nervous system with these 3 tips + gentle meditation ๐Ÿ’– When you start noticing the burnout, stress, and overwhelm bubbling up, these three tips & feel good breathwork + tapping will help you feel grounded and rested.

xx, Madison

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Reset your Nervous System with 3 Tips:

01. You can love up on your nervous system on good days, too. You donโ€™t have to wait for burnout to set in before you breathe deep or lean into the loving self-care moments that help you feel calm + grounded.

02. Incorporating a few little things into your daily life adds up big. Things like… taking 5 deep breaths before you get out of bed. Stretching in the kitchen while your coffee is brewing. Taking meetings and friend phone calls on walks. Getting sunshine every day. Spending time in nature. These things are instantly calming and help bring your body into balance.

03. At the end of the day, calming your nervous system always comes back to BREATH. Close your eyes. Deepen the inhales, lengthen the exhales. With each breath you are bringing your body back into balance. I love guided meditations & breathwork because they teach us the power of our breath. Meditations teach us how to be aware of our breath and meet ourselves where we’re at.


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