How to make dry brushing your self care ritual

It’s true, dry brushing is my favorite self care ritual 💖

Dry brushing has some incredible benefits for your body… Things like improved blood circulation, calming the nervous system, gentle exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, releasing tension in the muscles, and reducing cellulite.

AND ALSO dry brushing can help you heal your relationship with your body!!

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In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • 3 unexpected benefits of dry brushing
  • simple tips to help you add dry brushing to your daily rhythms + routines so it can become your favorite self care ritual
  • my 90 second dry brush routine!

I hope this episode helps you celebrate your body, reclaim the relationship you have with yourself, and feel more at home in your own skin.

xx, Madison

3 Unexpected Benefits of Dry Brushing

  • ✨ 01. Getting to spend time with yourself.
  • 🌸 02. Learning to love your body without judging or criticizing it.
  • 💖 03. Holding space for yourself to “come as you are.”

True wellness lights you up & heals your soul.

So even something like dry brushing is an opportunity for you to spend time with yourself.

When I dry brush, I like to whisper kind + loving things to myself like, “I’m so proud of you” and “I love my body for all it can do” and ”I love who I am & who I’m becoming” ✨

It’s a moment for me to slow down and appreciate my body, even when I struggle to love the reflection I see in the mirror.


Go slow. Be gentle with yourself! The goal with dry brushing is to stimulate your lymph nodes/lymphatic system, which sits just beneath your skin. You only need a light, gentle touch to activate it!! What a beautiful reminder that we can be gentle with ourselves 🥹 Just touching and tapping your skin provides beautiful benefits for your lymphatic system. Your own touch is soooo powerful. You slowing down and spending time with yourself is such a beautiful opportunity to heal the relationship you have with yourself. You are the powerful piece of this puzzle. Not the dry brush!!

Dry Brush TIP #2

Wash your dry brush once a week! I use BranchBasics soap. I’ll soak the bristles of the dry brush. Rub it around a little. Then let it dry with the bristles down.


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