The Fit Flamingo’s Favorite Feel Good Tips

01. If working out brings up a lot of fear or shame, swap the word “workout” for “movement!” Movement feels more fun + approachable, plus it allows us to MOVE in a way that feels best for our body and our energy level TODAY.

02. For a quick stress reliever, place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly. Relax your shoulders as you breathe in through your nose. See if you can fill your belly up with air as you inhale! Then, exhale and release all your air out through your mouth. You are doing a really good job.

03. We don’t do rigid diets here at The Fit Flamingo. Instead, we NOURISH our bodies with foods that feel vibrant, joyful, and fun. When you fuel your body from a place of LOVE, you feel good – like, really good!!

04. What does your body need to feel seen and loved today? Don’t overthink it! Honor whatever comes up and take feel good action. These are the little things that help us feel safe with ourselves! Besides, it feels good to know you’re on your own team.

05. Start to recognize what you say about your body when you look in the mirror. Mirror talk is incredibly powerful! Give yourself a compliment (even if it feels awkward) and cheer yourself on for all the ways you’re showing up!

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