Katie’s Story: Why investing in yourself creates change

Meet Katie!! What started as a fun conversation on Instagram (talking about Harry Potter ofc!) turned into 9+ months of us working together (and we’re still going strong!).

One of my favorite things about Katie is that she loves the people in her life so deeply. And now, she’s learning how to love herself + pour into her own cup with the same care and consideration she gives to her students, family, and friends.

Katie, I am in awe of who you are. I treasure you and am so grateful for your vulnerability and willingness to share your heart + life with me. You’ve become one of my dear friends and I look forward to every single one of our coaching calls like you wouldn’t believe! I feel so blessed and honored to share in this journey with you. I’m forever in your corner!! xx, Madison

01. How did you feel before we started working together? What were you struggling with?

Before I started working with you, I was very stuck and unmotivated to do anything. I didn’t have any confidence in myself and wasn’t sure where to start to get that process going. I was in a cycle of just settling and not trying to do anything else to feel happier or more motivated.

02. What inspired you to reach out? Why The Fit Flamingo?

What inspired me to reach out was really just feeling a connection to you via lurking on Instagram! I spent most of my time liking your content because it was calming and inspirational. When I reached out, it was purely to comment on a story you posted to your Instagram. I didn’t think you’d even see my comment but when you responded I felt like it was an open door to have a discussion about how you could help me in ways I didn’t realize!

03. What has it been like working 1-on-1 with me?

Working one on one is something I very much need. I have always been afraid of trainers and having a person yell at me or guilt me into doing things. But out meetings are about support and being vulnerable and honest. I never feel judged and it’s like having a friend in my corner to do whatever is best for me in the moment without the guilt of things don’t go “perfectly”.

04. What successes have you personally seen in your life (Feeling more confident, health issues disappearing, setting boundaries, taking risks, being more social, etc.)

It started with other people noticing a positive change in me. When my friends said they noticed I seemed different (in a good way), I realized it paid off to invest in myself. I’ve been combining The Fit Flamingo with my own therapy with a therapist and it has helped me build my tool belt to deal with my anxiety and stress that pops up regularly. I use that consistency of weekly meetings to work regularly on how I’m feeling both physically and emotionally which is something I didn’t make time for in the past. I was always about helping other people and not paying attention to myself. I’m learning to pour into me first and that it’s not a bad thing!

05. Who would you recommend to work with me / The Fit Flamingo?

I would recommend The Fit Flamingo to those girls like me, who grew up feeling shame for how they looked but feeling shamed and embarrassed when they asked for help. But I also recommend The Fit Flamingo to the women like me who pour into everyone’s cup but their own, because I was very much that girl (and sometimes I still am), but now I am learning how to tip the balance back my way!

If you’re ready to feel healthy & comfortable in your own skin, click here + learn more about my private coaching offerings!

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