5 tips for eating to support your nervous system

WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW WHILE YOU EAT!!! In this episode, I share why + 5 tips for eating to support your nervous system!! Eating with a relaxed nervous system is absolutely key for good digestion & nutrient absorption. Because in a world that is constantly telling us what to eat, there’s not enough guidance on how to eat in a way that actually helps you feel good (aka better digestion and less bloat).

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Most people will tell you to eat without a screen in front of you.

And that’s a beautiful tip.

But you know what else is beautiful? Doing what lights you up!!

True wellness is about trusting yourself to make the best decisions for yourself moment to moment, meal to meal.

I love watching feel good tv shows while I eat because it calms me, helps me relax, and go slow. That honestly feels so healing and freeing!

Let this episode be your friendly reminder that when it comes to food and wellness overall, you get to do what works for you!!

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • 5 tips for eating to support your nervous system
  • How to relax around food
  • How to feel confident in your food choices

I hope this episode helps you feel confident in your food choices & relaxed at your next meal.

xx, Madison

5 tips for eating to support your nervous system

🌸 01. Take 3 deep breaths before you eat. If it feels good, take a moment to say a prayer or to simply feel grateful for the nourishing meal before you 💛

🥝 02. Really taste your food! Not only will it help with digestion, but it will also help you notice the flavors and feel even more confident with cooking in the kitchen!

🦋 03. Watch your favorite feel good tv show while you eat!! If it calms you & helps you romanticize your life that’s a heck yes.

💖 04. Give yourself a compliment for nourishing your body. Thank yourself for the food choices you made! celebrate yourself for nourishing your body like this ✨ 

🌞 05. Trust yourself. You know what’s best for your body. you are safe to celebrate and savor each bite, knowing that every meal is an opportunity to choose again.


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