Feel Good Arms (Strength Building & Energizing Workout)

Hey sweet friend! Grab a pair of light dumbbells (I’m using a 3 lb. set from Bala!) and let’s move through this feel good arm circuit. This workout will help you build strength through the upper body and give you a boost of energy to tackle the rest of your day.

I’m cheering you on + sending you so much love,
Madison (your feel good fitness coach!)

PS: Here at The Fit Flamingo you’ll find no guilt, no shame, and no one-size-fits-all approach. Just creative, empowering, heart-filled wellness that inspires you to feel good in your body from the inside out.

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You are enough 💛

EXERCISE DISCLAIMER: You know your body better than anyone else! If at any point you need to pause, drink water, or stop altogether, please do so. Listen to your body and consult your doctor as needed before engaging in physical exercise. If you have any questions on form/etc, leave them in the comments or email me at madison@thefitflamingo.com. I’m in your corner.

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