Morning Habits for Better Self-Love

Instead of relying on experts to tell you what morning habits you should implement every morning for better self-love, I’m going to teach you how to listen to your body, ditch the to-do list, and show up for yourself in a truly empowered way.

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Now, I could give you a list of habits that you could do first thing in the morning to feel more grounded and connected to yourself before the day begins. I could tell you how empowering and energizing it is to drink water before you sip coffee or how going for a walk every morning is a total game changer. I could share statistics on how successful people make their bed everyday or how reading just 10 pages a day could help you excel in the workplace. But here’s the thing, it’s not about what you do.

Self-love isn’t about what you do. Self-love isn’t an item we can just check off on our to-do list. Self-love is a state of being. It’s a journey. It’s a relationship.

For me, when I think about self-love, I think about feeling grounded. I think about my cup feeling full. I think about listening to my body, nourishing my body, and coming home to my body. I think about the friendships that help me love myself deeper and see myself with kindness. I think about the podcasts and books that teach me something new in a way that helps me feel even more restored and renewed. I think about the tools like movement, food, and breath that help me connect with myself and come home to myself. I think about how no matter where I am or what I’m doing, that I always have me with me and that I can be my own best friend, create space for myself, and build myself up, even on the toughest and loneliest of days.

How to Ditch The To-Do List

You can be doing all the “right” things and still not feel good in your own skin.

Because when it’s all said and done, self-love isn’t about doing. It’s about being.

I hope this episode helps you reclaim your power.

Instead of relying on experts to tell you what morning habits you should have to increase productivity and have better self-love, I want you to ask yourself, “How can I love me today?” or “What can I do to show myself love today?”

And the challenge is this:

Show up for you.
Make time for you.
Build yourself up.
Cheer yourself on.

No one can love you and see you the way you can.

No one can nurture your body the way you can.

How to Listen to Your Body

We all want to feel seen and heard. That’s a human desire and it’s something we can honor and cherish about our humanity. But so often I look for others to see me and hear me and create space for me when the truth is, I haven’t even seen or heard or created space for myself. I’ve neglected me. I’ve made me feel small. I haven’t been nourishing me. I haven’t been listening to my body.

We can’t give anything that we aren’t. How can you give love to others if you haven’t been love to yourself?

We give to others out of an overflow of who we are. When there’s love inside you, love overflows. 

My challenge to you is to start spending time with yourself. 

Start by taking a deep breath. Inhale in through your nose and slowly exhale out through your mouth. Place your hand on your heart and ask, “How can I love me today?”

Listen and see what comes up.

Your body already knows what you need and it’s our job to tune in and listen.

Next, take feel good action :)

Look ahead at your day and see if there’s a time or an opportunity where you can show up for you.

An incredible place to start is first thing in the morning. Before your day begins (and before you start showing up for others) carve out a few moments to be with yourself. It can be 5 minutes, a full hour, anything in between, or whatever you need.

The Secret to Self-Love

Like any friendship, we feel close to people when we spend time with them. When we ask questions. When we tell stories. When we laugh together and create shared memories and have shared experiences together. You can do that with yourself, too.

You can sit with yourself. You can listen to yourself. You can go on adventures with yourself. You can laugh and dance and dream with yourself.

The morning is my favorite time to check in with me.

So instead of giving you a long list of habits to do every morning for better self-love, I want to leave you with this: Throw out the to-do list. It’s not about doing it all or checking everything off.

Instead, place your hand on your heart and ask, “How can I love me today?” Then, show up for yourself the way only you can.

Your self-love and your relationship with yourself, will heal and transform in the most incredible way when you do. It may not happen overnight. But it will happen little by little, bit by bit. This is the good stuff and it’s yours for the taking.

Now before I go, if you need a lil extra boost of self-love, I have a text platform that I use to send uplifting texts every week to my community. These texts will help you feel seen and supported in your health & wellness, and it’s a great place for us to connect on personal level. I I don’t want you to feel alone and I’d love to invite you to join. To do so, text “hi” to (214) 380-1546 and I’ll be there on the other side, doing a lil happy dance when I see your text come through!

And with that friend, I’m signing off and sending you so much love. You are enough.

Hi, I’m Madison Deaton. As a personal trainer, nutrition and self-love coach, I focus on the inside first, helping you get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do. Then I use things like functional fitness, holistic nutrition, mindset and self-love tools to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, see things from a new perspective, and unlearn habits that no longer serve you so you can take up space, step into your power, and become the woman of your dreams (friendly reminder: she has been YOU all along). Welcome to The Fit Flamingo! I’m so glad you’re here.

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