Everything You Need for Your Next At-Home Workout

Hi friend, welcome to The Fit Flamingo Podcast! In this episode, Bill & I share the equipment you need to take your at-home workout to the next level plus tips to get out of a rut and feel more motivated & inspired to workout. If you’re looking for habits and helpful tips that will help you fall in love with daily, at-home movement, then this is the episode for you!

In this episode, we share…

✿ Must-have equipment to take your at-home workout to the next level
✿ 3 Tips to get out of a rut and feel more motivated and inspired to workout
✿ 5 Habits to help you fall in love with daily, at-home movement

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The Equipment: Must-Have Pieces of Equipment to Take Your At-Home Workout to the Next Level

Truthfully, the only thing you absolutely need for a workout is your body! But when you’re looking to take your workouts to the next level, it helps to either up the intensity or add resistance. Bands, barbells, dumbbells, and machines are a great way to add resistance, challenge your body, and build muscle.

When it comes to functional fitness, we want to perform exercises that mirror our 7 basic movement patterns (push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge, rotate, and gait) in every-day life. When we do, we’re helping our body stay mobile and equipped to move throughout the day without pain or risk of injury.

At-home workouts and functional fitness go hand-in-hand. I love how I can use movement as a way to meet myself where I’m at each day. On the days I feel motivated and inspired, I roll out my mat and challenge myself to a HIIT workout. When I’m feeling achy and sore, I listen to my body and opt in for a calming mobility flow and guided meditation.

No matter how you feel, movement is a tool you can use to meet yourself where you’re at.

Now let’s talk equipment!

Bill’s top three: Mat, dumbbells, Kira Stokes App
Mad’s top three: Mat, Bala weight set, fabric bands

Our At-Home Workout Favs

Our At-Home Workout Wish List

*This blog post contains affiliate links! But don’t worry, I only share things I 100% love and would recommend to my best friends.

The Mindset: 3 Tips to Get Out of a Rut and Feel More Motivated for Your At-Home Workout

01. Tune into your self-talk

I think so many of us feel alone in the things we face. We carry our trauma and wounds with us everywhere we go and have learned to celebrate others but often feel afraid to see and celebrate ourselves. We hide, beat ourselves up, and make ourselves small. And we do it because we think it will spare us from judgment and rejection (I.e. if I can judge myself first, your judgment will hurt less…). But instead of feeling better, we end up judging and comparing ourselves even more. It’s a vicious cycle.

Friend, how you talk to yourself is everything! Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Am I my own best friend or biggest bully?”

It’s helpful to tune into the way you talk to yourself in your head and how you talk about yourself to your friends and family.

Begin to observe how you talk to yourself (without judgment), noticing if there are any words or phrases that stick out. What words and phrases hurt the most? When do you first remember thinking and feeling this way about yourself? Was there someone who said this directly to you as a kid?

It takes courage to get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do. But the moment you’re willing to bring your wounds into the light and meet yourself where you’re at, healing begins.

If you notice yourself struggling with negative self-talk, start by filling your mind with more positive self-talk through the form of podcasts, books, music, and motivational speeches. When I first started my self-love journey, I had no idea how to mute my inner mean-girl and be a cheerleader and best friend for myself. So I started educating and empowering myself on the power of thoughts. Learning that your thoughts directly impact your feelings and guide your action, completely changed the game for me.

Another way to boost your positive self-talk is by talking with a therapist, working with a health coach, or pulling in a friend who will help you see yourself for all that you are.

Self-love isn’t a solo journey. There are so many people who can inspire, mentor, guide, and be a source of love for you along the way.

02. Say YES to actions that align with your goals

Stop doing workouts that don’t align with your goals! A lot of my clients beat themselves up, feeling like they should workout a specific way. But often you find that those workouts don’t necessarily align with your goals and how you desire to show up in the world.

I love helping my clients say YES to actions that truly align with their goals.

This is your permission to drop the guilt and lean into the workouts and forms of movement that light you up and help you feel your best.

03. Minimize resistance

One of the best ways to minimize resistance is to make movement fun, remind yourself about the positive end results, and shorten the number of steps it takes to complete a workout.

Your brain will always take the path of least resistance.

It’s easier to scroll social media than to pick out a workout outfit, get dressed, clear space in your home to make room for a mat, fill up a water bottle, pick a music playlist, decide what workout to do, and then acutally do the workout!

We can set ourselves up for success by pre-gaming our habits so that when it comes time to workout, we’re ready to go without too much work on the front end. 

The Habits: 5 Habits to Help You Fall in Love With Daily, At-Home Movement

01. Habit Piggybacking

Focus on something you’re already doing and add to it!

Usually, we look for all the things we’re doing wrong. But that only leaves us with feelings of guilt and shame. Instead, look for the things you’re doing right. Then, add to it! This is a strategy called “Habit Piggybacking.”

You’ve already established a handful of healthy habits like brushing your teeth. Take one thing you do well and add an extra layer to it.

For example, after you finishing brushing your teeth, take 5 deep breaths. After you wake up, do 5 light stretches. Use lunchtime as a reminder to give yourself a compliment, text a friend, or schedule an evening workout. Before you sit down to watch tv, do 10 squats! Every little thing you do adds up.

02. Create Space

Have one spot in your home designated for movement. Your environment can either make or break your habits! Set yourself up for success by clearing and creating space for yourself to make movement an easy yes.

Bill has a spot in the garage where he keeps his mat and heavy dumbbells. I have a corner in our living room where I keep my mat, Bala weights, and favorite fabric bands. When it comes time to move, I don’t have to create extra space or move anything around. I can just roll out my mat and get moving!

Plus, it helps my brain know that this is my workout space.

Is there one corner or room in your home you can dedicate to movement? It doesn’t need to be a large space!

03. Prioritize Movement Snacks

Don’t have time for a full workout? Prioritize movement “snacks” instead! In between your busy work day, look for small increments of time where you can stretch, do a quick mobility flow, take deep breaths, go for a mini walk, get outside, do a few body weight moves, or climb stairs.

Who says you have to do a full workout in order for it to count? :)

04. Put Something on The Board Every Day, No Matter What

Create the habit of showing up, even when (especially when!) you don’t feel like it. I love this concept of “putting something on the board.” It reminds me of my days playing basketball. Sure, it would be amazing to score 16 points every game. But some days, the magic just isn’t there (and that’s okay!). But even on your worst days, you can aim to put at least one point up on the board. When it’s all said and done, scoring 1 point will help your shooting average more than 0 points.

It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing! 

If you don’t have time to workout for a full hour or 30-minutes, set a timer for 5 minutes and do your best! Every day is going to look a bit different. It’s helpful to create a consistent routine around movement. But on the days you’re traveling or when unexpected things pop up, give yourself grace and look for creative opportunities to put something (anything!) on the board!

Movement can be a part of your daily life. No matter what you’re feeling and facing today, there’s a form of movement that can help you meet yourself where you’re at.

05. Surround Yourself with People You Want to Imitate

We become like the 5 people we spend the most time with! Our relationships directly impact our habits, behaviors, self-talk, and self-confidence.

Write down a list of five people in your life (or on social media) that you admire and feel inspired by. Make an effort to spend more time with them. Ask questions, be curious, and let yourself be inspired by how they show up in the world!

Books, podcasts, and social media can be empowering. There are so many “mentors” in my life that I look up to and learn from that I’ve never met in real life!

PS: This book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, is one of my recent favorites for creating new, long-lasting habits.

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Friendly reminder: You are enough.

Hi, I’m Madison Deaton. As a personal trainer, nutrition and self-love coach, I focus on the inside first, helping you get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do. Then I use things like functional fitness, holistic nutrition, mindset and self-love tools to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, see things from a new perspective, and unlearn habits that no longer serve you so you can take up space, step into your power, and become the woman of your dreams (friendly reminder: she has been YOU all along). Welcome to The Fit Flamingo! I’m so glad you’re here.

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