How to Trust Yourself + Moving to Waco!

In this episode:

  • Tips/steps for how to trust yourself
  • What is doubt costing you?
  • Guided meditation to help you ground into your power
  • My In’s & Out’s for 2024

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Let’s start with a bit of FLOCK TALK:

On Instagram we’re seeing this trend where we share our In’s & Out’s for 2024 so I thought it would be fun to share mine and tie them into some of my goals & predictions for the year, especially within health and wellness…

  • What’s In:
    • Wholesome hobbies
    • Trusting yourself
    • Gardens & farmer’s markets
    • Voting with your dollar
    • Theaters > streaming
    • Feel good movement

  • What’s Out:
    • Cancel Culture
    • Beating yourself up
    • Neglecting gut health
    • Idolizing experts
    • Nut milk
    • Doing workouts you hate

In other news, WE MOVED TO WACO 2 weeks ago!

Misc. thoughts:


Intuition can’t be explained. But it can be felt!!

Now let’s dive in to the juicy bits of the episode…

My hope & prayer for you is that 2024 IS THE YEAR YOU FULLY TRUST YOURSELF.

Trusting yourself and building a relationship WITH yourself go hand in hand.

3 Steps to Building Trust with Yourself

  • STEP 1 — Start spending time with yourself!! Do things that are very YOU! If you feel a bit lost and don’t know what to do, start with this — what did you love doing as a kid? Drawing, playing outside, being in the garden, climbing trees? Often the things we loved as kids still plays a big part of our soul. Those seemingly random things are probably something you still desire and crave and had this natural pull towards. Lean back into that!!!

  • STEP 2 — Quiet the noise so you can hear your own voice come through. It’s amazing to listen to experts and gather insights from others, but nothing should hold more power than your own voice, perspective, and insights. Some practical ways to quiet the noise & hear your own voice: JOURNAL. MEDITATE. GO FOR WALKS. BE IN NATURE. LEAN INTO HOBBIES THAT LIGHT YOU UP.

  • STEP 3 — Put things into action! We like to take “feel good action” here at The Fit Flamingo. The best thing about taking feel good action is that it’s not about taking perfect action. It’s not even about making the exact right choices or taking the exact right steps. It’s about taking the next best step. In life, there are so many steps you can take; so many directions you can move in. It can be overwhelming to think your way into action — meaning, just sitting in your head and trying to think about what you want/how to bring it to life/etc. On the flip side, when you decide to be an active participant in life & see life as one big experiment, it takes the pressure off doing the exact right thing at all the exact right moments. It opens you up to so many possibilities and truly, none of them are wrong. The more you trust yourself to make the next best decision, the more you can keep adapting and adjusting and learning and growing. You can use every step you take & every decision you make as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Now friend, I want to lovingly ask you this,

What is doubt costing you?

If you’re a business owner like me, maybe your doubt is costing you things like clients or potential brand opportunities. This can be financial, absolutely. And also, my guess is that your doubt is also costing you more than just income. It’s costing you your happiness. It’s costing you true connection — with yourself and with others. It’s costing you your freedom, your ability to feel good in your body from the inside out, and your ability to say yes to the things you actually want to pursue in this life. What else is doubt costing you?

When you second guess yourself, silence your inner voice, or let doubt win, it will cost you every single time.

Maybe 2023 was a year you let your doubt win more than you wish it would have.

And I’ll let you in on a lil secret…

It’s not about getting rid of doubt forever. We will always have doubt. Doubt will always be in the room. And doubt is actually a really powerful piece of the puzzle. Because doubt is here to keep us safe. And that’s actually a really lovely, kind, beautiful thing that your mind is wanting to do for you. If your mind can feed you doubt, it can keep you from embarrassing yourself or feeling ashamed, being ashamed by others, and/or experiencing any feelings of shame or judgment. It can keep you from remembering/feeling/experiencing the trauma that happened to you as a kid. It can keep you small — because if you stay small, then you’ll never have to risk failing or becoming too big to lose the love of the people in your life.

Once we recognize that all our body wants to do is keep us safe, then we can really begin to meet ourselves where we’re at with so much love and compassion.

We can look at the doubt and hold space for it. We can learn how to listen to doubt and learn from it, without letting it stop us dead in our tracks. We can get really good at letting doubt in the car without letting it drive the car!

Little by little, the more time you spend with yourself, the more you’ll be able to deepen your relationship with yourself. You are safe to trust yourself to make the next best choice for the moment you’re in, knowing that you can always choose again.

Friend, it’s time to turn the volume down on your doubt.

I hope this is the year, your doubt no longer costs you the life you truly want to life.

You are and have always been more than enough.

Now before I let you go, let’s do a lil guided meditation moment to reset & ground into your body.

I’m signing off & sending you so much love.

I love you. Happy New Year :)

PS: If you’re interested in working 1-on-1 together, inquire here! I’d love to connect with you, answer any questions you might have, and help you break free from the doubts that might be holding your back as you learn how to fully trust yourself, come home to yourself, and feel good in your own skin.

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