How To Feel Confident in Your Skin With Acne

In today’s episode of The Fit Flamingo Podcast, I’m joined with Lydia Han, a Certified Life Coach, acne survivor, and self-love advocate. Lydia left a successful career in HR to become a certified life coach who now specializes in helping women with acne overcome insecurity and feel more confident in their skin. And let me tell you, her work is transformational. Lydia and I meet over Zoom last week and talked all about how to feel confident in your skin with acne.

In this episode, we share our stories with acne and how easy it was to let acne define us, keep us small, and make us want to hide. But through those struggles we learned how to feel confident even with acne. We share those tips with you and Lydia shares with us how to start out on your healing journey – because with acne you’re not just learning how to heal your skin physically, you’re learning how to love yourself again, too.

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What No One Tells You about Having Acne

When you have acne, it’s easy to let your skin define you. It can feel so vulnerable to step out in public, show up at work, and be present with the friendships and relationships in your life. Both Lydia & I felt like we had to put our life and dreams on hold until our skin cleared. But the truth is, you are worthy of living a beautiful life today.

In this episode, Lydia shares a handful of tips for how you can build confidence and start feeling worthy in your own skin, even before your acne clears. You can listen to the full episode to hear all of Lydia’s wisdom and insights. Some of my favorite insights we’re…

01. Time really does heal.

It takes time to see true healing and that’s okay. Your journey is still beautiful and something to celebrate, even if your healing takes longer than you think it should.

02. Our struggles often connect us deeper to others.

Some of our deepest friendships in life have stemmed from us having acne. Even how Lydia & I met and connected is a testament to how our struggles bond us to others! When you experience hard things, it teaches you how to empathize with others. You truly are never alone. 

03. There’s no one-size fits all solution or “quick fix.”

It’s less about finding the perfect solution and more about learning how to love yourself with where you’re at now, acne and all.

04. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Even when life feels darkest, there is hope to be found. Your skin will clear and you will feel like you again. Instead of pushing your struggles away, you can learn how to lean into them. They will help you connect deeper with yourself in the most profound ways. It isn’t easy, but it is healing, transformational, and confidence building. The sun will shine again. Give it some time and soak in the rain. 

Meet Lydia Han

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My Acne Journey

In this blog post, I share my journey with cystic acne and how I learned how to love myself again after years of feeling defeated, hopeless, and never enough. In Episode 01 of The Fit Flamingo Podcast, I share how I healed cystic acne holistically and built the business of my dreams using the lessons I learned during that season of struggle. If you’re experiencing acne, I hope you know you’re not alone. You can always send me a DM on Instagram @thefitflamingo. I’d love to be in your corner.

Hi, I’m Madison Deaton. As a personal trainer, nutrition and self-love coach, I focus on the inside first, helping you get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do. Then I use things like functional fitness, holistic nutrition, mindset and self-love tools to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, see things from a new perspective, and unlearn habits that no longer serve you so you can take up space, step into your power, and become the woman of your dreams (friendly reminder: she has been YOU all along). Welcome to The Fit Flamingo! I’m so glad you’re here.

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