How to Convince Your Husband to Be Healthy

In this episode we share:

  • Why we don’t love the word “healthy”
  • How to team up with someone and conquer every goal you set
  • The secret to feeling good
  • How being our best and having fun go hand in hand

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01 | Make it fun

I’m so over healthy habits that are boring and stressful and complicated. Yuck! I mean why bother. I want to live an incredible life and that includes having fun.

Things we do to make healing living fun:

  • Walkie + talkie
  • Daily movement together!
  • Morning coffee, reading, prayer time
  • We challenge each other to drink water as soon as we wake up
  • We’re excited about cooking together in the kitchen
  • We make grocery shopping an adventure and always buy a fun, special treat
  • We brush our teeth & take our evening supplements at the same time and always dance and act goofy

02 | Set goals you actually want to set

So often we set goals because we think that’s what we “should” do. But that may not be what you actually want for you or your life. As an example, so many people want to get “healthy” but I believe that healthy looks different for every body. Is your real goal to get healthy or is your real goal that you want to have enough energy to play soccer with your kids or move through the day without having a headache?

Once you know what you actually want for your life, you can make goals that support that life.

Don’t work for your goals. Let your goals work for you. If you’re committing to something that doesn’t actually help you feel good it’s time to try something different!

Bill — What are some health goals that you want for your life? I want to wake up without feeling drowsy or sluggish or like I’m “paying for the last meal I ate.” I want to feel energized, attentive to our relationship, to life around us, I want to stay active, train my brain, and train my body. I want to enjoy life.

Bill — What are you doing to ensure your success with those goals? I move my body everyday and at different times throughout the day. I focus on my water intake, especially in the morning (that’s when I struggle the most), and take my vitamins every day.

Madison — What are some health goals that you want for your life? I want to feel good everyday. I want to feel pain free, energized, mentally sharp, clear, and focused. I want to be my best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Madison — What are you doing to ensure your success with those goals? I’m working on healing the root cause of my stuff. I’m on the boarder for osteopenia. So I work to strengthen my bones through weight lifting and being intentional with my mineral intake. Also something big for me is decreasing stress, sleeping 8 hours a night, learning to listen to my body, and decreasing my sugar intake. It’s also really important for me to do a mobility flow everyday and to do some form of movement. All these things help me digest food better, absorb food better, release the aches & pains in my body, and feel more like myself.

03 | Don’t let each other slack

When you team up with someone it can either be the greatest thing or the biggest crutch. It’s easy to enable unwanted behaviors because they’re easier, there’s less resistance there. But I think the places you feel resistance are incredible for revealing what you actually want. It may be easy to think that if something is hard it’s not worth doing. But you are capable of doing hard things.

You are capable of making changes. So don’t let each other slack. Once you’ve set a goal or said you want to implement something, do it. And hold each other to it!!! Don’t let each other give up after one hard day or after one failed attempt. You gotta keep going.

And for the record, quit letting how you feel dictate how you show up. Now this isn’t me saying to push aside what you feel because I actually think our feelings are really insightful. Acknowledge them. Listen to them. Learn from them. Then move through them. Don’t stay stuck in them forever!

If you’ve already said, “hey this is something I want for my life” don’t be surprised when obstacles and roadblocks come up. They’re gonna come up. You’re gonna get busy. You’re gonna be tired. You’re gonna run into resistance. Everything will probably go wrong. But if you always let outside circumstances determine how you show up you will never become the person you desire to be. Quit letting how you feel in this moment keep you from being who you want to be in the next moment.

04 | Proper praise

It is your responsibility to build each other up!

I have decided that I will be Bill’s biggest cheerleader in life. I purposefully look for everything he’s doing well so I can compliment and lift him up. I’ll be very honest if there’s something he does that hurts my feelings but I don’t ever let myself ever beat him up. Because he’s my partner. He’s my best friend. And I want to build him up every chance I get. And he does the same for me.

Moral of the story: when you see each other stepping up to the plate, celebrate it!!! Let it mean something. It’s a big deal!!!

When you compliment, celebrate, and cheer one other on, it gets easier and easier to show up and keep repeating that wanted behavior. Your brain will always choose the path of least resistance. You’ll always look for opportunities to avoid struggle! Besides, it’s really hard to form new habits when you’re always climbing an uphill mountain. And we all know that hard things feel so much easier when we have people cheering us on and building us!

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Friendly reminder: You are enough.

With Love from your Fitness Coach & Wellness Obsessed BFF,
Madison | The Fit Flamingo

Hi, I’m Madison Deaton. As a personal trainer, nutrition and self-love coach, I focus on the inside first, helping you get to the root of why you think and feel the way you do. Then I use things like functional fitness, holistic nutrition, mindset and self-love tools to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, see things from a new perspective, and unlearn habits that no longer serve you so you can take up space, step into your power, and become the woman of your dreams (friendly reminder: she has been YOU all along). Welcome to The Fit Flamingo! I’m so glad you’re here.

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