Why it’s good to lose motivation (and what to aim for instead)

There’s a lot of talk around staying driven, being consistent, hustling, and never losing motivation. And I get the heart behind that – they want us to reach our potential and live out our biggest goals. But we as women know we do not feel our best when we’re pushing the throttle 100% of the time. We feel our best when we honor our cycle. Because based on where we’re at in our cycles, we have different levels of energy, we’re more creative in some phases and more task oriented and focused in others. And let’s be real, sometimes we’re just in a funk, experiencing anxiety or depression, or facing a season of grief. So instead of aiming for motivation, what if we set our sights on building momentum? That’s the conversation we’re having today. You don’t have to be motivated all the time. There’s a better way. Let’s talk about it.

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