I'll give you tools to feel good

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I'll give you tools to feel good


By combining personal training with nutrition & self-love coaching, we dive deep and really get to the root of why you hate your body and feel shame around food. Are you ready to take up space & prioritize your wellbeing? I'll help you heal your relationship with food, change the way you talk about yourself, and finally step into your power!

My offerings:

1 on 1 coaching

Personalized fitness, nutrition, and self-love coaching sessions to help you build better habits and breakthrough obstacles.

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With your monthly membership, you'll receive a monthly accountability coaching call + access to an entire Library of on-demand workout videos.

1 on 1 Coaching

I create personalized coaching packages just for you to meet you where you're add, offer creative solutions to help you overcome obstacles, and cheer you with each week. Click below to schedule a consult to see if Private Coaching is for you.

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On Demand Membership

Get instant access to over 35+ on demand videos from HIIT workouts, mobility flows, guided meditations, self love trainings, and more. Plus, you can even upgrade your membership to receive 1 on 1 coaching. Join today to lock in your free 7-day trial!

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Erin transformed her mindset & healed her relationship with food!

"What I love most about training with Madison is the way she’s helped me redirect my thoughts. Madison is all about acceptance, loving yourself, and providing your body with all it needs to feel good: be it through thoughts, food, or movement. 

I thought I was signing up for a workout, but instead we went a lot deeper. Why do I hate working out? Why do I feel shame about food? Why do I talk to myself so negatively? And it turns out, a lot of the answers to those questions led me to find satisfying workouts I enjoy and feel good about doing. I’m working on letting food be food, instead of putting so much emotional baggage on it. And I’m changing the way I talk to myself to be more like I hope I talk to others—with kindness and respect. It wasn’t one thing that changed me, it was all of these working together to make me a healthier person."

meg learned tools for self-love and discovered how healing movement could be.

"The tools that Madison provides in her self love coaching sessions have allowed me to completely retrain my brain and have given me skills that will serve me for the rest of my life.

Additionally, Madison has such a unique approach to movement and reframing our relationship with our bodies. I used to be terrified of working out and resented the task, but Madison has taught me that movement is MAGIC and is so healing for the body. When we work out together, I never feel like I'm being judged and I truly just feel so encouraged to move my body in a way that feels amazing. Madison is easily the best thing that has happened to me in 2020. In a time with so much fear and uncertainty, she has been a place of love, light, and calming energy. Not only that, but she gives you tools to continue that love, light, and calming energy into your life. I truly cannot recommend her enough."

This Could Be You...

Rebecca learned how to believe in herself like never before.

"The Fit Flamingo helped me find the fighter within myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Madison has met me where I'm at each session and helped me celebrate everything. All these things have helped me actually get excited for my health and well-being. I'm so grateful for a trainer who learned my physical therapy exercises post surgery and helped my whole body recover. This isn't just another place to workout, it's a place to be transformed inside and out."

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We recorded a full length HIIT workout for you on the beach! Text "hi" to (214) 380-1546 to get instant access to your new feel good workout.

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I would love to support you & cheer you on as you move through your wellness journey. Click the link below to reach out to me directly. We can schedule a consult & see if private coaching is the right fit for you.

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