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Get ready for the best girl talk on all things food, fitness, self love, wellness, mindset, and so much more! It's time to build yourself up and believe you're enough.

the fit flamingo podcast


(and have fun doing it!)

No more yo-yo dieting, weighing yourself, and never knowing what to eat. You'll discover food freedom and learn how to nourish your body without food guilt running the show. Did I mention how unstoppable you're gonna feel!?

How to Ditch The Diet

How to Love Your Body

Are you ready for some serious breakthroughs? These episodes will help you go from self hatred to self love before you know it!! Each week, I'll meet you where you're at and teach you tools to honor & love your body.

what you'll learn here: 

How to Feel Good Everyday

With each episode, you'll feel empowered to take feel good action. Action is where the magic is! When you show up for yourself, incredible things happen. Are you ready to build better habits & experience the magic of taking feel good action!?

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I'm Madison, your new fitness coach & wellness obsessed bff.

As a certified personal trainer and holistic nutrition coach, I'll help you transform your mindset, heal your relationship with food, and learn how to build yourself up.

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Friend, do you even know how unstoppable you will be when you fully believe in yourself? Imagine how different your relationship with food will be when you nourish your body from a place of love, not punishment. Imagine working out & moving your body without weight loss being your main motivator. And imagine stepping into your power, taking up space, and feeling totally equipped to live the life of your dreams... THIS is what you get with The Fit Flamingo Podcast!

My superpower is meeting women where they're at and teaching them how to love their body & believe they're enough.

- Sarah

"Full of life and so refreshing! I love how Madison digs deep and addresses the underlying issues that can prevent us from flourishing in our own individual walk/fitness journey. She give practicals and asks questions that allow you to better understand yourself and your desires. Incredibly helpful and empowering. Everyone needs The Fit Flamingo in their life!!!

Five Stars:

- Alisha

"I love Madison's promise to NOT promote weight loss. I've been disappointed by that promise in the past and I'm not holding out my pinky any longer. Instead, Madison gives tools to use at your own pace to build better habits. I'm ready to pick ONE for now and build! Who's with me!?"

Five Stars:

- Stephanie

"Madi is the best friend you've always wanted... she comes alongside you wherever you're at to be your biggest cheerleader, advisor, and listener. Her energy is contagious and she brings so much joy and wisdom in each episode."

Five Stars:

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