It's finally possible.

if you're ready to take the work out of working out & move your body in a fun, feel-good way that celebrates the low days...

hey sweet friend

yes, your breakthrough is coming!

Loving on your health should feel fun, sustainable, individual, and light you up

and luckily, you don't have to.

You shouldn’t have to suffer through a miserable workout just to feel good after

Wishing you knew how to listen to your body & workout in a way that works for you?

Ready to love your body and finally stop beating yourself up?

Weighed down by all of the things you "should" be doing, but there's never enough time in the day?

Overwhelmed by how much effort it takes to workout, when all you want to do is rest?

Frustrated with hour-long workouts that only leave you feeling drained, sore, and defeated?

do you ever find yourself...

I used to wake up at 4:15am every morning just to squeeze in a workout before work. I would give each workout my all (go big or go home as they say), push through the low-energy days, and beat myself up when I missed a workout or didn’t get the results I wanted to get. Over time, I noticed myself struggling more and more with severe cystic acne, bloating, headaches, and painful gut issues. I started listening to my body and learned how to use movement as a tool to help me come home to myself.

Sweet friend, I want you to love your body & feel so proud of yourself — but not at the cost of constantly feeling sore, exhausted, overwhelmed, or like you’re never putting in enough work.

I know how it feels because I've been there

Every woman wants to believe she's enough. But the hardest part is knowing where to start and feeling supported along the way.

lucky for you, discovering movement that feels good & lights you up is easier (and more fun) than you think.

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A self-paced movement program to help you love your body & come home to yourself with ease, joy, and doable workouts.

introducing movement breakthrough

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introducing... movement breakthrough

with movement breakthrough you get:

You shouldn't have to do it alone. Now, you don't have to! When you join Movement Breakthrough, I'll be here to answer questions, check in, and offer pep talks & encouragement.

support & accountability

We have 7 "blocks" built into Movement Breakthrough. Each block represents a different category of movement to help you feel good & come home to yourself. In total, there are 7 body love workouts, 7 mobility flows, 7 feel-good stretches, and 7 guided meditations. All of the videos are about 10-20 minutes to ensure quicks wins without overwhelming your schedule.

28 breakthrough videos

As a certified personal trainer, holistic nutrition coach, and Kinesiology graduate I specialize in women's fitness, nutrition, and self-love coaching. My superpower is being a friend and coach who helps you feel seen & empowered. I won't let you fail.

feel good coaching

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we do blocks, not days. here's why:

More room for customization. You don't have to complete the videos in order if you don't want to. Take what you need. You know your body better than anyone else!

You shouldn't have to put your life on pause to complete a workout program. What if movement could fit into your daily life and be something that works for you?

Quick wins build confidence!! Each block has 4 videos: a body love workout, mobility flow, feel-good stretch, and guided meditation. As you complete each block, you'll build more and more momentum towards completing the program.

- Carli anna

"Madison's feel good movement feels both powerful/fun and inspiring/uplifting. I've truly never done anything like it!"

“I've never done movement that feels as equally fun as it is inspiring"

Know how to celebrate your body without judgment or shame

 Make peace with your flaws and celebrate your wins

Add daily movement into your life with ease

Learn empowering tools for self-love

Feel confident in who you are, even on your worst day

Heal those nagging aches and pains

Have movement feel natural & effortless

how different would your life be if you could...

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I help women heal their relationship with food + movement + and their body so they can come home to themselves and believe they’re enough.

As a certified trainer, nutrition coach, & self-love warrior, I believe health looks different on every body and the best diet + workout is the one that lights YOU up.

Instead of telling you what you should do, I’ll help you learn how to trust yourself, listen to your body, and become the expert of you.

Because you know your body better than anyone else.

It’s time to lean into your own magic, take up space, and live the life of your dreams. We’re going to break free from shame, self-judgment, and guilt once and for all – and we’re going to do it together!!

i'm madison

heck yes i'm in!

1-on-1 coaching

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self-paced program


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Get instant access to Movement Breakthrough program, which includes:

💖 7 Body Love Workouts
🦋 7 Guided Meditations
🌸 7 Mobility Flows
🌿 7 Feel-Good Stretches

Lifetime access.

Start when you’re ready & move at your own pace.

Fully on-demand.

Feel good, break free, get out of pain, move your body with ease, and have more fun & joy with movement.

Plus access to me for support & accountability.

3 monthly payments of $335/month

Get the entire self-paced Movement Breakthrough program, along with:

3 x 60-minute breakthrough coaching calls (one call each month) to help you come home to yourself & heal your relationship with your body and movement.

3 Months of 1-on-1 Unlimited voice messaging via Voxer - the place where I'm fully in your corner for your burning questions, check-ins, and empowering, feel-good homework.

Best friend level support. I'm in this with you!!

I learned to love myself where I’m at. I’m in such a strong place mentally that I haven’t been in years. I’m finally doing it. I’m finally in a place where I love myself enough to change. I’m not doing it so I can love myself. I’m doing it BECAUSE I love myself. I used to think that if I lost 10 more pounds, I’d be able to love myself more. Or if I was in a relationship or got the dream job, I would be able to love myself then. But now working with Madison, I'm learning how to love myself fully where I'm at today. I’m showing up for myself like never before and I'm celebrating her."

“I’m in such a strong place"

- Rebecca

Working 1-on-1 with Madison is the best! Since it’s just us two, we get to fully dig deep and work on what comes up for me. It’s full attention on me, my health and my goals, etc. every time we meet. And then the Voxer support that’s always there for me or for you to check in with me is the cherry on top. I seriously feel like I have a friend who is fully there for me and ready to help me think through things that come up in the moment!

“I feel more confident & am  learning to love and accept myself for me"

- Gaëlle


how long will i have access to everything?

You'll have LIFETIME access to Movement Breakthrough. You can access the program on-demand from any device.

What the heck is voxer?

Voxer is an app that lets your send text messages & voice memos! It's how I communicate back and forth with all of my clients and is a really fun + empowering way for me to check in on you, answer questions, and touch base. You can even speed up voice messages for quick listening! It's amazinnnng and actually super bonding for us to text & walkie-talkie each other throughout the week :)

can i get the program anytime?

Yes, Movement Breakthrough is our evergreen movement program designed to meet you where you're at. Once you're in, you'll have lifetime access :)

I have more questions! how can i contact you?

Free 7-day trial

do I need any equipment for this movement program?

I use 2 lb. Bala Bangles in a few videos. If you don't have wrist weights, you can use light dumbbells (2-5 pounds). And even if you don't have access to equipment, please know that your body is always enough :) Even when I use weights in a video, you can get amazing benefits just using your body!! Other props include a chair, pillow, mat, and water bottle.

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