JUST MOVE! Simple workout moves you can do at your desk!

Oh hello! I wanted to share a few simple exercises that are actually quite fun and easy to do at your office desk. My heart is this: some days you’re too stressed or overwhelmed or busy to make it to the gym. I get it. My hope is to show you a few moves that you can do at your desk with your office chair. It will keep you moving throughout the day, provide a natural boost of energy to get you over that mid-day slump, be a great stress reliever, and it won’t leave you super sweaty cause you might still have to finish the rest of your day at work!

Each round takes about 5 minutes or less. You can do them all at once or break them up into three sections and do them throughout the day whenever you need a little work break. Do what you can when you can! Keep moving and remember that little victories are actually quite huge!! Repeat 10-15 reps of each exercise (on each side, where it applies!) before moving to the next move. Have fun & happy moving!

Move #1: Sit-to-Stand

It’s as simple as it sounds. It’s basically a squat and all you do is stand up from your chair and sit back down. If you want to up the anty, you can stand up on one leg! Find the variation that works for you. The best way to do an exercise is the one you can perform correctly with no pain.

Move #2: Shoulder Taps

Essentially, this move is a modified plank. You can do it on the top back of the chair or with your hands on the seat. The wider your feet, the more stable your foundation will be. If you feel your hips wiggling, widen your feet. The key here is to brace your core by pulling your belly button in towards your spine. Here’s how ya do it: Bring one hand to the opposite shoulder. Bring that hand down then bring the other hand to the opposite shoulder. Repeat! Note: your shoulders should stay right over your hands & your gaze should look down towards the opposite end of the chair. This helps keep your neck in a neutral alignment (which helps to not strain your neck)!


Move #3: Curtsy Lunge

Start standing then cross your inside leg back behind the outside leg. Think of yourself bowing before the Queen of England! Hold on to the back of your chair if you need the extra balance support.

Move #4: Mountain Climbers

Start in the same position as the shoulder taps. This time your knees are the things moving. Brace your core (the same way you would hold your belly tight if someone was about to punch you in the gut!) before drawing one knee in towards your chest then back out to the floor. Alternate the knees, bringing one in to the chest at a time. You can move your legs as fast (greater aerobic effect) or as slow (engages the core more) as you need.



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