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Let’s discover food freedom & have FUN doing it. Join the free 5-day challenge for 5 days of breakthroughs and transformational video trainings. Food freedom is yours for the taking!

it's time to ditch the diet

Instead of giving you another diet to follow, I'll teach you how to listen to your body and transform your relationship with food.

It's time to say goodbye to dieting, food shame, and self judgement so you can honor your body and feel empowered like never before.

5 Days to Food Freedom

Ready for your life to change?

My super power is meeting women where they're at and offering creative solutions to help them break through what they're going through. I'll help you feel seen, empowered, and equipped to heal your relationship with food in a really fun + approachable way.

friendly reminder: you are enough.

Hi I'm Madison, your new food freedom coach!

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I hope this challenge helps you feel so seen and loved as you discover food freedom. You are enough. You are unstoppable! And you are worthy of feeling free in your relationship with food.